Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day at the beach.

So today we decided to go back to a beach that we went to the other day. We had read about a beach that people in the sea glass collecting world refer to as the sea glass capital of the world. So we went and checked it out last week and collected around 100 pieces. Pieces ranging in size from a pea to pieces about an inch and a half to two inches. So we decided to go again today. We checked the tide times last night and found that low tide was at 8:11am this morning. So we loaded up the troops and headed out and arrived about 8:30ish. We began our hunt, (this hobby is something my wife started last time we were out east about four years ago.) it started slow but by the time we were done we probably upped our collection to over 200 pieces in two visits. We have filled an entire 750ml mason jar. Not only did we find so much we also were able to find blue, light blue and I personally found two pieces of black sea glass which are very rare I understand. Not only did we find sea glass but we found three star fish at that beach as well. We then popped over to a beach not to far from that one that we had read was known for sand dollars, and with in ten minutes we found one and only one, but we'll be back to both for sure soon.
Sea glass
Jar of sea glass
Sand dollar and star fish
Black sea glass
Spade shaped sea glass
Heart shaped rock
Larger chunks of sea glass

Friday, November 8, 2013

Starting over.

My name is Chris Fattore I know I've done blogs about this and that in the past, but this blog is about starting over.
Starting out this blog will be about the day to day lives of a couple and their six children who moved from the big city in Ontario to a small rural community in Nova Scotia.
We have decided to cancel most electronics from our lives such as TV, iPod's, video games and even cell phones. We will however still be using the Internet for our blogs and our new YouTube channel that will be starting up shortly. This will be a channel that will showcase our trials and tribulations of moving from the city to the country.
We will also be starting up a website selling our handmade crafts, toys and crocheted items and other things that we will make.
We will also be acquiring animals such as chickens, dairy goats, pigs and cows to  provide meat, eggs and milk for our family. This is all sort of new to us, so we will be using our life as example for anybody else who wants to leave the big city but doesn't think they can do it.
We would like you to read and watch our  YouTube channel and join our adventure as we learn how to become self sustaining farmers.
So please join our adventure, thanks the Fattore's.