Friday, March 8, 2013

Weight lose tip for fathers.

Here's a Tip for any guys out there trying to lose some weight with portion control. This works really well for fathers. Start by getting your kids the breakfast they choose e.i. toast, cereal, etc... Then while they are eating make your self some bacon and eggs. For this example lets say four strips of bacon and two eggs. (for any of you that know me this is already one hell of a portion control.) So once your bacon, eggs and two slices of toast are ready sit at the same table with your children. As soon as your butt hits the chair you will here  sweet little angelic voices ring out saying "Can I have some of your eggs?", "Can I have some bacon?", "Can I have some of your toast?". And presto change'o you've now cut back on your consumption leaving you about Two strips of bacon, One egg and 3/4 slice of toast. Children are truly a blessing in disguise.

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